Of Roe, Rights, and Reconciliation

August 28, 2018

by Ian Gill • On the British Columbia coast, the Heiltsuk First Nation asserts its rights to manage its resources, and who has access to them, through the seasonal herring harvest.

What the Ancient Oyster Knows

August 20, 2018

by Geoffrey Giller • Scientists in the emerging field of conservation paleobiology believe that the key to oyster conservation could be contained in ancient shells.

The Last Cannery Standing

August 14, 2018

by Frances Backhouse • The British Columbia coastline once pulsed with action around salmon canneries. Today, guided by Indigenous leadership, only one cannery processing wild salmon remains.

Welcome to the Arctic, Fish

August 7, 2018

by Edward Struzik • As the climate changes, the Arctic Ocean beckons Pacific salmon and other species. How will we fish responsibly?