Slime, Shorebirds, and a Scientific Mystery

June 25, 2018

by Daniel Wood • Could the survival of millions of migrating shorebirds depend on the preservation of humble marine biofilm?


The Future of Castro’s Crocs

June 19, 2018

by Shanna Baker • As a breeding facility works to retain a pure lineage of the Cuban crocodile, out in the wild the division between species is getting murkier all the time.


Evicted by Climate Change

June 11, 2018

by Madeline Ostrander • Government regulations forced the Yup’ik to give up their semi-nomadic existence. Now, as the land around them vanishes, they’re puzzling through the problem of moving.


The Mysterious Decline of Iceland’s American Invader

June 6, 2018

by Gloria Dickie • In Iceland, imported mink escaped fur farms and feasted their way through the food web—until nature bit back.


A Fish Called Rockweed

May 29, 2018

by Ben Goldfarb • In Maine, a strange legal debate is raging over rights to the state’s most important seaweed.


What History Gives, the Sea Steals

May 21, 2018

by Elizabeth Preston • In Scotland and around the world, archaeologists rush to understand ancient sites that climate change is both revealing and washing away.


Row, Row, Row Your Coat

May 15, 2018

by Michael Engelhard • In Victorian England, re-engineered rain cloaks, umbrellas, and walking sticks floated adventurers down the Thames and, eventually, into the Arctic.


Training the Polar Bear Patrol

May 8, 2018

by Eva Holland • A grassroots guard learns how to keep people and polar bears safe in a small Arctic community.


When Mountains Fall into the Sea

May 1, 2018

by Tyee Bridge • As glaciers melt, unstable slopes are being exposed and are on the precipice of collapse.


The Oil Spill Cleanup Illusion

April 23, 2018

by Andrew Nikiforuk • Why do we pretend to clean up oil spills in the ocean?