Death of a Modern Wolf

October 17, 2017

by J.B. MacKinnon • Once feared, vilified, and exterminated, the wolves of Vancouver Island face an entirely different threat: our fascination, our presence, and our selfies.


From Prejudice to Pride

October 10, 2017

by Jude Isabella • In the 20th century, Japanese anthropologists and officials tried to hide the existence of the Indigenous Ainu. Then the Ainu fought back like their cousins, the bears.


Whales Through a New Lens

October 2, 2017

by Erich Hoyt • Forty years ago, the world’s whale researchers met in Indiana. The now legendary, but nearly forgotten, meeting changed the way scientists and the public see whales—and it all started with a few photographs.


Saving the Ocean One Outfit at a Time

September 26, 2017

by Heather Pringle and Amorina Kingdon • The sea suffers for fashion. Kombucha leather and leased jeans to the rescue.


Avoiding Extinction

September 20, 2017

by Sarah Gilman • Giving Mexico’s rarest porpoise, the vaquita, a fighting chance in the face of poverty, corruption, and greed.


Sand? Mine!

September 13, 2017

by Tyee Bridge • Our insatiable need for concrete has led to destructive mining around the world. How can we do it better?


The Oral History of Toothless Whales

August 28, 2017

by Jennifer S. Holland

Baleen whales carry their medical records in their mouths.


Blasting Through the Hunley Mystery

August 23, 2017

by Evan Lubofsky

A maverick scientist claims she has done what scores of researchers before her failed to do: solve the century-old mystery of why a legendary Civil War submarine sank.


The Great Quake and the Great Drowning

August 21, 2017

by Ann Finkbeiner

Mega-quakes have periodically rocked North America’s Pacific Northwest. Indigenous people told terrifying stories about the devastation but refused to leave.


The Power of Compassion

August 15, 2017

by Elin Kelsey

Why humpback whales rescue seals and why volunteering for beach cleanups improves your health.