Damming Eden

October 24, 2017

by Emilienne Malfatto • As a massive dam nears completion in Turkey, residents downriver in the idyllic Mesopotamian Marshes prepare to see their homeland destroyed—again.

Death of a Modern Wolf

October 17, 2017

by J.B. MacKinnon • Once feared, vilified, and exterminated, the wolves of Vancouver Island face an entirely different threat: our fascination, our presence, and our selfies.

From Prejudice to Pride

October 10, 2017

by Jude Isabella • In the 20th century, Japanese anthropologists and officials tried to hide the existence of the Indigenous Ainu. Then the Ainu fought back like their cousins, the bears.

Whales Through a New Lens

October 2, 2017

by Erich Hoyt • Forty years ago, the world’s whale researchers met in Indiana. The now legendary, but nearly forgotten, meeting changed the way scientists and the public see whales—and it all started with a few photographs.